Why shoulder the digital signing burden?
et it.

Acis is partnering with FuseSign to offer our clients an affordable, simple and secure digital signing platform.

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An affordable, simple and secure digital signing platform

Digital signing has taken time to mature in the Australian market for the types of documents you order from Acis. Until now, most platforms have been expensive, inflexible and complex.

Acis has selected FuseSign as our preferred partner to offer our clients a trusted, Australian-owned digital signing solution that’s easy to use and flexible. It’s a great fit for our business and our clients.
Like Acis, FuseSign’s offer is built on leading technology and data security, a strong service-based culture and excellent value for money.
Ensures orders are
completed in seconds
Delivers data consistency
across platforms
Reduces multiple
data entry points
Avoids duplicate
record creation
Removes the risk of
data overwriting

How our FuseSign partnership benefits you

affordable pricing

Affordable, clear and flexible pricing

Unlike other providers, there are no hidden costs and you can easily select and change membership levels.

Easy to use

Secure and easy to use – for you and your clients

Replace complex usernames and passwords with the simplicity and added security of multi-factor verification options.

secure documents

Protects you and your clients' data

Smart technology uses MFA and a detailed audit trail. All data is securely stored in Australia.

link-minded thinking

Built by accountants for professional advisers

Set permissions for documents and recipients, giving your firm better control and visibility.

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3 months’ free digital document signing on all pre-company registration documents ordered through the Acis portal*

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*This promotional offer will be applied across your firm and is applicable to consent to act forms and applications for shares. Offer only available until 31 March 2022. Acis terms and conditions apply.
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Interested in FuseSign?

Made by accountants for professional advisers, FuseSign is an affordable and easy to use digital signing tool for your practice, resulting in faster turnarounds, significant cost savings, improved client experience and higher staff engagement.

FuseSign Benefits

Cost and time reduction
Less paper, less printing and less spent on stamps. No more rushing to the post office and facing long queues.
Better client experience
FuseSign is available on mobile, tablet and desktop computers. Save your client from needing access to a printer or brave the post office to return their signed documents.
Faster turnaround
Have documents signed and returned within minutes, not days. Perfect for time-sensitive documents.
Better use of your human capital
FuseSign frees up your admin and support staff to focus on the human side of their jobs.